Live A Life, LLC


Jessie N. -"I have been with Live a Life LLC for nearly a year now. I have loved every minute I've been a part of this company and team of successful individuals. I didn't wait so long to provide my testimonial because I was worried; I waited so I could do a little something for them as they have done so much for me. A testimonial with a test of time - tried and true. This is a very real opportunity awaiting you here at Live a Life, not just as a job; but as a career. The staff are beyond friendly and exceptionally knowledgeable. I was extremely nervous during my months of training for my contract with Arise. Steve, Debbie, and Christina were there for me - every step of the way. Cheering me on and filling me with a confidence to succeed. I have faced a very difficult time this past year which has made things extremely difficult for me but Steve, Debbie and Christina have not given up on me. Their faith and dedication, to not only to the company, but to each and every member is inspiring. It has helped me regain my own confidence. Here's to our 1 year anniversary... and many more!"

Robin B. - I owe Steve Troxell so much. He was my saving grace in difficult times. I had been unemployed for 5 years when I met him. I went into a local office supply store and started chatting. He mentioned that he worked from home and I mentioned that I wish I could work from home but they all seem to be scams. He handed me his card and said to check it out. I lucked out and met the owner of Live a Life LLC. I checked it out, called Steve back and I have been employed ever since. . I love what I do and am so grateful that I was at the right place at the right time. Steve, Christina & Debbie are like my extended family now. They are there to help me whenever I need it, even if it isn't work related. They really care about my well being. I owe them all so much and am thankful for Live a Life LLC every day. I couldn't work for a better company or a better group of people.

Dawn H. - I love being a CSP for Live A Life, L.L.C. because you get paid on time, every time.

Chris G. - This is why I love working from home...the benefits are tremendous. I don't have to leave my house, fill up my gas tank every other day to get back and forth to work, nor spend money buying lunch. I can work only 57 hours and make more than I made working 80 hours every two weeks. There is no supervisor down my back about anything and I also have the freedom of setting up my own schedule and if I want to make any changes I just have to do it in a 48-hour time frame. The client that I service has a lot of perks and gifts that they give away all the time. Most of all I love what I do. Helping people gives me a special feeling that nobody can take from me. I take this job just as serious as if I was working in a building. It takes determination and discipline to maintain a work from home job, you just have to do it. The money is here to be made so, just as you clock in on an outside job working 80 hours every two weeks, you can do the same here but less hours and more money.

Tameka H. - "The Outcome Is Worth Every Penny."

Todd M. - Unemployed and just finished with back surgery, Live A life, LLC is the BEST thing to happen to me! A top-notch company to work for with very knowledgeable staff and employees. Everyone is there to help you with any type of question or concern you might have. Working from home has changed my life in so many positive ways, with less gas to buy each week. I'm home everyday when my child gets off the school bus and when I'm done working, I don't have to drive home. There are no traffic jams or having to get up one to two hours before work to get ready and drive there. It saves so much time everyday that can be used for so many more important things that life throws at us. Live A Life, LLC has changed my life and has done it in a professional way. Steve, Christina, Debbie and others are there everyday to help with any customer, certification, or technical issues or if you just need someone to talk to. Thank you Live A Life, LLC for all you do everyday for your staff, the hard work, and long hours you put in makes our jobs easier.

Crystal E. -Your company is a bright light to me. I have been researching for years for a home based job that would allow me to support my family and be there for them as well. Thank you!!

Tori W. -I just wanna say that Debbie has been AMAZING in helping me get started! I'm know others have been working behind the scenes but she has just been wonderful to me, even tho I do email her aboutt 10 times a day lol. I am so happy that I found you guys.