Live A Life, LLC

Steve Troxell - President

Steve formed Live A Life, L.L.C. with one dream in mind. That dream was to live a life free from huge corporations that do not care about the individuals and grow a family of virtual call center members. To Steve, there is more to life than going to work everyday, wondering when he will find the time to spend time with his loved ones, if he will have enough money to pay the bills, and above all, live a life that he can be proud of. Live A Life, LLC is proud of the CSP's involved because they have made the choice to live their lives to the fullest.

A virtual call center is essentially an individual that works from home serving clients via the telephone or computer, eliminating the traditional brick and mortar (office building) that we are accustomed to. Corporations can eliminate the high cost of running an office by outsourcing the jobs to people in their home, pay them well, yet do it at a fraction of the cost to run an office.

Steve had worked in the corporate environment for about 20 years when he realized that no matter what corporation you work for, the chances of living a fulfilled, happy, fruitful life was slim to none. They say that 1% of people make the majority money for the United States. So if you are employed by a company, what are your chances of being that 1%? Sure work at home jobs will not make you a millionaire either however, you do not have to go into an office and sit for 8-9 hours.

Steve has the skill-set to run a successful virtual company. He holds a Bachelors degree in business with an emphasis in computer science. He has worked in a traditional call center office for over 14 years including manager and training roles. Steve knows how to handle customers and tries to make his CSP's as knowledgeable and skilled as possible. If you need help, Steve is personally available. He has a virtual open door policy.