Live A Life, LLC

Member of the Premier Partner Alliance
(Super VSC) with Arise Virtual Solutions

Welcome to Live A Life, LLC. We partner with Arise to bring the most innovative and growing work at home program to you.

You work from home, servicing real Fortune 500 companies by phone and computer. Companies are learning that when they outsource their jobs, it is cost effective and they are able to maintain their high standards of customer service. Many companies tried outsourcing to other countries and they are now finding out that it takes on average 2.3 international calls to resolve something one U.S. call can do. Companies are bringing the jobs back to the states. Through Live A Life, LLC partnering with Arise, you can take advantage of these jobs offered by the companies. Arise only partners with corporations. Feel free to look around this site and we look forward to hearing from you as we take the next step together to live a life.

Working as a CSP (Customer Service Professional), your earning potential is based on you. How well you do your job reflects what your pay is. There are other factors to consider as well for instance, which client you work for and what type of job it is. Most CSP's earn between $8.00/hr. and $18.00/hr.